Reduce your adhesive joint design time and cost by up to 80%

calcbond helps you solve complex adhesive engineering problems. This easy to use web-based platform is your key to fast and reliable bonded joint calculations.

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calcbond helps you solve complex adhesive engineering problems without having to be an expert. Use the calcbond Wiki to get started with adhesive engineering without long and extensive online research time.

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View and manage material data, calculations and reports inside one app. Manage and access all your adhesive projects in the calculation history and have them available at any time!

Companies that trust us:

The calcbond ecosystem:
View and manage material data, calculations and reports inside one app

Marko Zivaljic Sika Services AG
»With the calcbond ecosystem, future generations of engineers will benefit from on demand adhesive engineering services with best-in-class adhesive solutions.«

Marko Zivaljic
Sika Services AG, Business Development Manager
Commercial Vehicles AMERICAS

Simon Thering, Huntsman Advanced Materials
»calcbond helps our customers to select the right ARALDITE® Adhesive faster. The accurate simulation tool is reducing the qualification time and is helping to save money during the adhesive qualification process.«

Simon Thering
Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) GmbH
Leader Business Development Adhesives EMEA

Ingo Rüther, Verbindungs-Techniken-Rüther
»When it comes to adhesive joint calculations, calcbond is my #1 go-to tool. If you are looking for reliable, insured calculation results that protect you at the same time, you need calcbond.«

Ingo Rüther
Verbindungs-Techniken-Rüther, Managing Director

Adhesive Bonding is present everywhere


  • Glass assemblies/windows
  • Vehicle battery enclosures
  • Bus & train floor assemblies
  • Vehicle fairing assemblies


  • Rotor blade web joints
  • Rotor blade edge joints
  • Fastener bonding in nacelles


  • Yacht/boat frame-to-hull bonding
  • Yacht/boat hull-to-deck bonding
  • Composite superstructures
  • Hull stiffenersYacht/boat hull-to-deck bonding

»Our mission is to simplify the use of adhesives and to provide a reliable solution for adhesive joint design and calculations«

Axel Reinsch CEO ar engineers

Axel Reinsch
CEO & Owner of ar engineers

Fabian Nowacki Head of Engineering

Fabian Nowacki
Head of Engineering

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